Welcome to Nativity of Our Lord’s 2021-2022 Faith Formation Program. Whether this is your first year here or your eighth, I am happy that you decided to enroll your child/children in our program, however your work does not stop here. We are committed to the spiritual growth of your children while challenging your own faith life. Our goal is to inspire and motivate each other to develop the love of God the Father and have a personal encounter with Jesus Christ with guidance and knowledge of the Holy Spirit.

            Nativity of Our Lord recognizes that you, the parents, are the natural educators of your children. We cannot stress how important the parents are in a child's religious formation. Students need to see and feel that their parents are interested in what they are doing. Teaching your child is the perfect opportunity for you to re-educate and update themselves in the practice of the faith. Worship and pray with your children, you are their greatest influence.

            Our program is multi-dimensional and is thoroughly designed to target each individual child depending on their grade/age, while fostering community.


·       Parents will work closely with their catechist to teach their child at home.

·       Families must attend Mass on a weekly basis.

·       Children must fulfill their obligation by attending gatherings once a month and participate in the monthly discussions.

·       Families must fulfill the requirement of 3 Faith Formation Events this year.


I hope this format will help all families grow in their faith. I look forward to assisting you and help guide you and your children through a spiritual path that you will follow through life. I hope this revised Parent Handbook will help you with the policies and practices of Nativity of Our Lord Church’s Faith Formation Program.


God Bless,


Tara Vigario


Nativity of Our Lord Church

Curriculum, Calendar, Special Events

Following listed by grade, is the calendar of chapter assignments for Parent/Child, the dates of the Catechist Review at the Parish Hall, Liturgy of the Word for Children, and other dates of interest to Parent and Student.  Click on the grade or grades of your children to access the full calendar for the year.

For access to class schedules and Faith Formation events, click on the calendar