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Welcome to Nativity of Our Lord’s 2022-2023 Faith Formation Program.

Every year, it is standard practice to re-evaluate our program to find better methods of educating your children. Our Faith Formation Program is an extension of our mission “reflecting the joy of Christ's birth to all people through love, compassion, and service” and we do so in accord with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

It is our privilege this year to teach your children, however, please remember that we have them for only18 hours this year, so the task of religious formation has to be a cooperative effort. We bring God’s word to your child in the classroom by conveying knowledge. Religion, however, is more than knowledge. Catholic Christianity is a way of life. Your support of this program enables us to assist you in your responsibility of passing on your faith -to your children. Please make an effort to cooperate with us in this important task. Without parental support and involvement, our goals cannot be met. Students need to see and feel that their parents are interested in what they are doing. Today’s religious formation requires commitment.


This years’ program is multi-dimensional and is designed to target each individual child depending on their grade/age, while fostering community.

  • Child must attend 18 religious instructional classes in person with a catechist.

  • Child must fulfill the requirement of attending (per grade) 1 ministry event.

  • Families must fulfill the requirement of 3 Faith Formation Events this year.

  • Families must attend Mass on a weekly basis.

  • Sacramental years: Children must attend ALL retreats, practices, special events, etc.


​​Our Special Needs/Faith Formation Program offers the ability for students to learn about the love and care of Jesus in their own way and at their own pace. Special emphasis is provided on the sacraments of Eucharist, Reconciliation and Confirmation.


Sunday Mass attendance is the most important part of our curriculum. As Catholic parents,

it is your obligation to model your faith and bring your child to weekly Sunday Mass to fulfill your promise made to God at your child’s Baptism. Please take this responsibility very seriously and attend Mass together every week.


I hope this format will help all families grow deeper in their faith. I look forward to assisting you and help guide you and your children through a spiritual path that you will follow through life. I look forward to meeting your family and growing with your children.


If you have any questions, please contact the Faith Formation Office at . If you wish to enroll your children in the Faith Formation Program, click on the Registration Button.


God Bless,


Tara Vigario


Nativity of Our Lord Church


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